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Empowering the industries that move the world.

Motors and power electronics that are more reliable, efficient, and lower cost.

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For personal and commercial vehicles:
Next-generation motors, electronics, and electrified powertrains that are more efficient, power-dense, and economical.

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Ventium Wind Power

For wind-power infrastructure:
Maximize uptime with robust-yet-lightweight systems that are are easier to install, more reliable and efficient to run.

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For residential + commercial infrastructure:
Improved efficiency, lower energy footprint, and easier system integration.

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Light Electric Vehicles

For motorcycles, scooters, boats and more:
Electric motors + Drive systems that are more robust, efficient and easy to integrate.

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Electric motors are everywhere.

There are millions of electric motors being manufactured every single day, and demand is growing. A significant number of these electric motors, particularly for propulsion systems, use rare earth metals in permanent magnets. These magnets often represent 40% or more of the total cost of a propulsion motor – and they increase complexity and cost.

We have developed game-changing IP, innovative engineering processes, and software tools to meet demands across industries in a state of rapid transformation.


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