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Enedym develops next-generation electric propulsion and electrified powertrains. Enedym has ownership of over 50 patents and pending patent applications and related inventions developed by the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Hybrid Powertrain Dr. Ali Emadi and his research group at the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre (MARC), McMaster University. As one of the largest research  groups in transportation electrification technology in academia in North America, Enedym is the result of 7 years of intense research and development at MARC.


The electric motor market is massive

There are millions of electric motors being manufactured in the world every single day. The transportation industry is creating a tremendous new market for electric motors. A significant number of these electric motors, particularly for propulsion systems, use rare earth metals in permanent magnets. These magnets often represent 40% or more of the total cost of a propulsion motor. More importantly, there is a significant supply chain issue as 84% of rare earth metal production is in China.


Eliminate the use of rare earth metals

The solution is to reduce, or better yet, eliminate rare earth metals in electric motors. This is what we are doing at Enedym. We take the need for rare earth metals completely out of the electric motor equation. We have developed novel families of next generation switched reluctance motors (SRMs) with improved efficiency, power density, and performance for a variety of applications. By taking the permanent magnets out, our novel SRMs have the potential to reduce the cost of propulsion motors by approximately 40%. They have significant additional advantages: simple and low-cost structure; robust rotor construction without permanent magnets; high efficiency at high-speed; fault tolerant operation; and suitability for operation in harsh environments and high temperature conditions.


Motors at a fraction of time and cost

We are making better electric motors, and we are designing and developing them differently. Digitization of electric motors is what we do. We have developed a disruptive way to design motors at a fraction of time and cost of previous methods.

Enedym = Energy + Paradigm

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