Wind Power

Enedym Ventium SRM
Wind Pitch System

Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM)-based system for wind pitch control.


Challenging the wind-power paradigm

Brushed DC pitch motor technology is plagued with issues that cause low reliability, high maintenance costs, and frequent failures leading to high downtime and low-capacity factors in Wind Turbines.

Enedym’s Switched Reluctance Motor (SRM) technology has a simple, robust, and low-cost construction. It has simple coils on the stator, no conductors, no brushes on the rotor and do not use permanent magnets, which require rare earth materials which have challenges in global supply chains.


Improved Efficiency, power density and reliability

Robust yet light systems that are easier to install, more reliable and efficient to run.

Higher Capacity Factors

More reliable design means less failures, more uptime, and increased profitability.

More Sustainable

System design eliminates the permanent magnet for a smaller environmental footprint.

System Overview

Ventium Wind Pitch SRM Motor

  • No rare-earth magnets
  • Commutators and brushes are eliminated
  • Smaller and lighter
  • Low stator current density, no rotor conductors
  • High efficiency, lower operating temperature
Ventium Wind Pitch Inverter

  • Lower volume, improved ruggedness
  • Higher peak power capability
  • Vibration resistance and ingress protection
  • Cost-effective and reliable design approach
  • Better heat dissipation
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