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Canadian motor developer Enedym Inc. looks to scale up production of rare earth-free EV motors in Ontario with help of partner JFE Shoji Power Canada Inc.

Automotive News Canada published an article highlighting Enedym’s efforts to scale up production of rare earth-free EV motors in Ontario with help of partner JFE Shoji Power Canada Inc. The companies aim to put down major roots in the Hamilton area.

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About Enedym Inc.
Enedym is a technology start-up company from McMaster University. The company is headquartered at the McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Enedym has ownership of over 60 patents and pending patent applications and related inventions developed by the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Hybrid Powertrain Dr. Ali Emadi and his research group at the McMaster Automotive Resource Centre (MARC), McMaster University. Enedym’s vision is to significantly reduce the cost of electric motors and electrified powertrains, and power a new paradigm in electrification through novel electric motor drive technologies, controls, and digitization techniques. Enedym aspires to help save the planet, one electric motor market at a time. To learn more about Enedym, please visit


About JFE Shoji Power Canada, Inc.
JFE Shoji Power Canada Inc. is one of the largest providers of transformer cores, magnetic materials for electrical engineering applications, and electrical engineering support and design services in North America. JFE Shoji Power Canada is part of the JFE Shoji Corporation, a supplier of electrical steel materials and products through its world-wide motor core manufacturing and supply operations in Mexico, India, China, Japan and Asia, with supportive ownership from JFE Holdings of Japan. JFE Shoji also collaborates with France r. bourgeois SA for the manufacturing of high technology magnetic motor cores solutions, including joint investments in Mexico and in China.

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