Changing how the world moves, together.

Electric motor and propulsion technologies designed for a moving world. We are building the energy systems of tomorrow, today.

Energy + Paradigm = Enedym

A New Paradigm for Energy Systems

Simpler construction, lower cost, higher efficiency, better robustness, and a more stable supply chain.

Our novel switched reluctance motor (SRM) drive technologies are powering a new paradigm for energy systems.

We have developed game changing IP, innovative engineering processes, and software tools to meet demands of industries in a state of rapid transformation.



Better motor systems,
at a fraction of time and cost.

Novel Electric Motors
+ Drive Systems

We take the permanent magnets out of electric motors– while making them more efficient, robust, and economical.

Intelligent + Powerful
Design Tools

Our software platforms accelerate the design + optimization of electric motor systems

Exceptional Manufacturing

We are pioneering manufacturing approaches that accelerate validation of motors + electronics designs for volume production.


Making An Impact

Disruption for the good of our planet and each other.

Now is the time to challenge the status quo. The results can have a massive, lasting, and positive impact on the world.

We aspire to help save the planet, one electric motor market at a time.


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Let’s change how the world moves, together.